The Slasher Sale

slasher sale
Slasher Sale

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Caliber Promotions supplies your dealership the Total Customer Package.  Others Promote, We Blitz Your Market with our proven blend of:

  • Market Research that leverages your dealership’s unique conditions!
  • Propriety Data Caliber has developed over 18 years of successful promotions!
  • Promotional Techniques that deliver highest industry results. Slasher-Sale Works!

The Easy Way To

Far more than a promotional weekend package, Caliber supplies you with much, much more.  Weeks before your sales promotion begins, we start collecting data on your market in preparation for the tsunami that will drive sales to your dealership!


Caliber makes it EASY to SAVE and SELL. Staffed with the industry best who manage and direct 100% of the event, all you have to do is sit back and watch the excitement --- and sell more cars.

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2000 Hamner Avenue, 2nd floor, Norco, Ca 92860


Brad Nicolai, JN Chevy, Mazda Ferrari: "I've Done one a month for 10 years, we average 80+ units!! Caliber is the difference."

Larry Puryear, Bill Wright Toyota: “I use Caliber two to three times a month for four years! They are the real deal!”

Rick Dees Radio Interview

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About Caliber

Caliber is famous for Innovation. We’ve been the market leader in developing new dealer promotions. It’s a fact--others imitate-we originate! We invented the Slasher-Sale and more that 25 other promotions to bring Choice to America’s dealers. Caliber marketing was copied so much we actually had to go to Federal Court (Civil #04-00561 HG-KSC: view) to protect our Sales Promotions from the copy-cats.

Copy-cats can try to steal our trademarks, but they can’t steal our “How-To” Knowledge base that gives us the ultimate cutting edge in dealership promotions. We will come to your market and we will rock your competitor’s world.

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(800) 715-0105
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2000 Hamner Avenue, 2nd floor, Norco, Ca 92860

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